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Nymphenburg Palace: your venue for events and celebrations

Hiring prices


Prices (euros)






Hubertus Hall (first floor) with both foyers








Johannis Hall (first floor)








Foyer at the first floor







Orangery Hall (ground floor) with foyer (ground floor)








Foyer at the ground floor







Hubertus Hall and Orangery Hall with both foyers







*The rent can only be reduced under the following conditions:
1.The room is being used for a cultural event (concert, theatre, reading, or similar),
2. tickets are officially on sale to the public,
3. the event is open to everyone and
4. is suitably advertized and published.
If any of these conditions are not fulfilled, the regular rent will be charged.

Price for civil weddings at the Johannis Hall: 350 euros

Prices for secular marriage ceremonies:
Orangery Hall: 900 euros · Johannis Hall: 400 euros

The hiring prices are exclusive of the statutory value added tax. The hiring prices include standard operating costs and final cleaning. The reduced hiring price also includes the standard costs for the caretaker and the concert seating.


Additional costs

  • Caretaker on time and material basis

  • Ticket checkers and cloakroom personnel (at least 2 persons) via
    allpower Veranstaltungsservice GmbH
    telephone +49 89 552244-11,
    The organizer is responsible for ordering the event service.

  • Cost of hiring furniture

  • Paramedics (must be ordered by the event organizer)

  • Fire brigade (must be ordered by the event organizer)

  • The costs of any special cleaning required will be calculated on a time and material basis.

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